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Mr Ringo Affiliates platform covers Sportsbook and Casino. Top cutting edge technology implemented in an environment that fulfils customers' needs.

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Gain the most out of this cooperation. Start promoting Mr Ringo through your website and gain up to 35% revenue!



- How does the Mr Ringo Affiliate program work?

The Mr Ringo Affiliate program rewards third parties for referring customers to Mr Ringo website.

Mr Ringo Affiliates send traffic to our sites via tracked links, and when those users go on to register as customers, deposit and play with us, we reward the affiliates with a commission.


My Account

- Where can I check my account statistics?

When you log in to your Mr Ringo Affiliates account, you will be able to access a wide range of reports that detail the traffic that has been sent to us via your site together with any transactions that have been carried out.

If you have any questions regarding these reports then please use our contact form or get in touch with your affiliate manager directly.


- How often are my statistics updated?

The reports in the Mr Ringo Affiliates interface are updated daily, usually by 3pm GMT/4pm BST. In the case that you believe that your statistics have not been updated or you have any questions, please contact your affiliate manager.


- How are the users linked to my account?

When a customer clicks a link or banner on your website, your unique tracking code,it means that client can only be connected to your account.

For more detailed information on how this works, please contact your affiliate manager.


- How can I check the number of users I have referred to Mr.Ringo?

As an affiliate you have access to customer reporting, which you can find when you log in to your account. This will give you information on players but please be aware that their personal information will not be shared due to the Data Protection Act.


- Are there any countries where I cannot promote Mr Ringo?

Players from the following territories are not accepted at Mr.Ringo:

United States of America and France.


- How can I check my sub-affiliates’ statistics?

Our Reports allow you to view the number of sub-affiliates you have recruited and what earnings you have gained from them.

Please contact your affiliate manager if you have any other questions relating to this.


Marketing tools

- Where can I find marketing tools for Mr.Ringo products?

Once your Mr Ringo Affiliates account has been approved, you will be able to log in and find a range of text links, banners and more in the ‘Media Gallery’ section of our interface.


- Can I request a special marketing tool for my website?

Special, exclusive tools can be arranged. Contact your affiliate manager to discuss the possibilities.


- Can I offer visitors to my website an incentive to sign up?

Mr Ringo website offer a range of incentives to new players. These bonuses vary according to the product you are promoting and the market which you are targeting. To check the latest promotions for the product and market you are targeting, please contact your affiliate manager.


- Do you offer bonus codes?

Yes, we can offer bonus codes for Mr Ringo. Please contact your affiliate manager to request one.


Earnings and Payments 

- What are the available payment methods?

Mr Ringo offers a number of payment methods including bank transfer and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). Please make sure that your payment options are kept up-to-date under My Account > Payment Information.


- When is my commission paid?

We pay our affiliates 15 – 20 days upon payment request with a minimum payment of 50 Euros. If you haven’t reached that level then your earnings will be carried over to the following month.


- Where can I see my earnings?

You can view your statistics at any time via the Reports>Earnings Reports section in the Mr Ringo Affiliates interface.

- Is there a limit in my earnings?

There is no limit! We offer competitive and flexible reward plans to reflect the quantity and quality of the players which you send to us. For further details, please contact your affiliate manager.

- Where can I see my commission status and other information?

As soon as you log into your affiliate account, your payment information will be displayed on the main page. More detailed information can be obtained by clicking onto ‘Reports’, ‘Earnings Report’ or ‘Payment Report’.

- Are Sub-affiliates earnings paid on the same date as my regular payments?

Yes, your sub-affiliate commission is paid together with your regular affiliate earnings every month. You can view your sub-affiliates under Reports > Earnings Reports > Sub-Affiliates.